Spotlight: Mama’s Little Dough Boy

Based out of Landrum, South Carolina, Mama’s Little Dough Boy is a family-owned bakery that focuses on locally sourced, high quality ingredients.

Owner Katie Picher emphasizes:

I strongly believe in the power of QUALITY ingredients in the Carolinas. I use organic ingredients and make all of my dough by hand, from scratch. I love working with local farmers and millers to incorporate their products into baked goods. Rest assured, there’s a whole lot of T.L.C. included as well.

My mission is to build relationships with and support local farmers and millers, showcasing the seasons of the Carolinas through organic bread and pastries.

We are always excited to try Katie’s baked goods, knowing that she is a wonderful chef who’s always experimenting and growing in her craft to produce tasty dishes. The only problem we have had is rationing them so as not to eat everything in a day.

Find out more information on Katie’s website:

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