5 Feng Shui Tips to Activate Your Home Now

#1 Declutter

Although decluttering is a fruitful process of clearing out negative energy and bringing renewed life to stagnant energy, people often hit a wall when the idea of decluttering or downsizing comes to mind. They might feel overwhelmed trying to decide where to begin the decluttering process. Some tackle the daunting task by addressing one room or area of their home at a time.

Is there a space in your home that instantly makes you feel bogged down? Sad? Frustrated? That space has created some major energy blockages in your home and should be addressed as soon as possible. Maybe you’d prefer to start with something small or one specific item. If that’s you, try the KonMari Method™, in which you start by handling each item of clothing and deciding which items still bring you joy and which have served their purpose.

Whichever method you choose, make a goal for yourself to declutter the “heavy” space as soon as you can. Clear a space for your blessings and allow abundance to flow through your home.

#2 Fix Any Broken Items

Imagine the energy frequency that is connected to items around you that bring you joy. Notice the shift in energy when one of those items is broken. If you can’t fix or replace the item, it’s much better for the energy in your space if you thank the item for its purpose and let it go.

Some items, however, you just can’t let go of and yet they still affect the energy of the house both positively and negatively. For example, have you ever had leaky plumbing? That leak was not only money literally going down the drain, but also a draining energetic frequency, flowing freely through your home and life.

Maybe you have a door or a lock that jams. Do you feel stuck in any area of your life? Do you have siding that needs to be addressed or drafty windows? All of these (experiences) impact the feeling of your home whether intended or not. Notice if there is anything that needs to be repaired and fix it as soon as you are able.

#3 Power Position

Your position in a room determines how you feel and how you interact with others in that room. If your back is facing an entrance, subconsciously your mind will be in a space of unease or uncertainty. You won’t know who is approaching you or when they might approach you. A better position would be to face the door from across the room (preferably at a diagonal angle). This way you have the advantage—you can tell who is coming and when—thus dominating the energy in a command position.

The power position also applies if you’re working at a desk. Your viewpoint is more advantageous if it’s of the entrance to your workspace instead of a wall or a coworker right in front of you. Each person has their own beneficial directions which will help them stay focused and grow in their success. To determine your best direction, visit MarieDiamond.com for Your Free Energy Report. Calculate your Personal Energy Number and explore your key directions for wisdom and more.

#4 Plants

Plants are a wonderful addition to a space as they give off nourishing energy and help keep the air fresh. The shape of a plant also affects the type of energy it shares. Look for round, soft edges in plants, especially for the bedroom, living room, and the office. Try to avoid spiky or sharp plants or keep those in the kitchen or bathroom.

Because plants represent a life force energy, try your best to keep your plants healthy. Sick plants will create stagnant energy. Cut flowers, although beautiful, are dying and often left in stagnant water. If you’re someone who travels a lot and would have a difficult time looking after live plants, consider printing pictures of some of your favorite flowers or other floral artwork.

#5 Energy Flow

Have you ever noticed the “feel” or the energy of a room? Some spaces naturally draw us in while others we might leave rather quickly. It’s important to start addressing the energy flow of the room. Consider how you move about the room. Can you easily walk into the space and find a spot to sit, work, or relax? Does the space require that you turn certain ways in order to get around furniture? Can you move freely, or are there areas that are a bit compact? If you frequently stub your toe or bump into a piece of furniture, the room layout is not in its optimal position.

Consider how you communicate with others in the space. Is it easy to see and hear everyone? Does the conversation flow effortlessly with little distraction? That would be ideal. We would also venture to say that guests might have a hard time leaving that space. What if it’s hard to see and hear others? Maybe you have to lean around furniture or décor in order to focus on whoever is speaking. If this describes your space, the energy isn’t just affecting your guests but also the people living in the house.

Take some time to think about how you might create solutions with room layouts. Have fun with the space and notice what layout puts your mind at ease and brings you joy.

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