Spotlight: Liv-Love-Art

Liv-Love-Art is dedicated to guiding you through simple techniques that decrease stress, increase focus, and assist you in creating a unique work of art. Creativity is encouraged! We believe there are no errors in art. There are opportunities to create a unique masterpiece. We offer virtual and in person meditative drawing and canvas painting classes, parties, and pre-drawn canvas kits.

Owner Xiomara Livingston explains, “My mission is to help you unleash your inner artist! Be on the lookout for Children’s Creative Drawing Classes, Meditative Drawing Classes, and Art for Anxiety Classes.”

“My mission is to help you unleash your inner artist!”

Here’s what others are saying:

With these quarantine days one area that I have been feeling deficient in when it comes to my kids remote work is the arts. One of my children (like many adults) feels like art is therapy. Xiomara did an awesome job guiding the kids through a fun and interactive art lesson. They learned new terms and were allowed to put their own spin on their work. Can’t wait to sign up for another virtual kids session!

Alexis S.
Pre-drawn canvases

[Xiomara] recently did a zentangle class for our Parent 101 Tribe. She taught us four different techniques to help us relax. Even though we all were nervous to share our creations, she encouraged us and told us how great we had done. That helped me build my confidence which helps me draw a few times a week to relieve stress.

Lapri H.

Find out more information on Facebook: Livloveart By Xiomara.

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