Spotlight: Love, Light & Luster

Amanda Redfern is the light in Love, Light & Luster! She features an amazing variety of beautiful crystals, stones, and high-grade mineral specimens. Whether you are just beginning on your metaphysical path or collecting museum-quality minerals, she offers tumbled, rough, polished, and faceted stones for all levels of interest. Her secret specialty is an “energy guided” shopping experience to assist you on your peace-filled journey.

Here’s what others are saying:

I love the prices, live virtual shopping and the amazing customer service! Amanda goes above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied! Love, love, love!

Ally B.
Crystals, stones, rocks, minerals, & gems offered by Love, Light & Luster

Saw them at the wellness fair in Columbia 3/16/2019. They have great things for great prices, and you can’t help but smile around them. Can’t wait for the next time I shop in person with them.

Melissa N.
These crystals were part of a giveaway on the Love, Light & Luster Facebook Page

Find out more information on Facebook: Love, Light & Luster.

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