Our 2020 Reflection

With the new year approaching, we’ve spent quite a bit of time in reflection of the current year. There is so much to be thankful for, so we’re closing out 2020 full of gratitude. We’ve enjoyed more time with our children, expanding and growing our garden, implementing Feng Shui cures, and building bonds with new friends.

One of our new local connections this year was with Love, Light & Luster and the amazing husband and wife team of Amanda and Jeff Redfern. Amanda and Jeff are avid crystal and mineral collectors and provide unique, high-quality pieces for their customers through Love, Light & Luster. We have cured and activated many areas of our home and business by placing crystals in specific directions while setting intentions for their purpose. Not only does Love, Light & Luster offer high-quality pieces, but they’re also affordable. There are options for everyone, whether you’re just starting your crystal journey or you’re an avid specimen collector. Crystals aside, Amanda and Jeff are wonderful people who have become more like family. We are excited about the upcoming year and are looking forward to partnering with Love, Light & Luster.

Our second North Carolina find is the incredible plant guru based out of Charlotte, The Patio Farmer. Erin Hostetler enjoys partnering with local farms to bring plant babies to you for any size space. She offers consultations, advice, and is more than willing to help you in your garden space as well. Erin has a wealth of knowledge and is a beautiful steward for mother nature. For Wellness Carolinas, she helped us expand our gardens and introduced us to other plants that we weren’t aware that would grow successfully in our area. She also donated a few items to the Title I school where Jen works, allowing the students to connect to the earth and work on a project all while socially distanced. Students were able to visit the school garden on their individually specified day and time to work and feel like they were a part of a team. They are still enjoying the fruits of their labor. Make sure to check The Patio Farmer out as she even offers a Plant Club now with super fun monthly growing kits.

We’re also grateful for Marie Diamond and all of the wisdom and guidance she’s provided us this year. Jen was thrilled to become a founding member of Global Conscious Women and enjoys the healing meditations and teachings that all of the women lift each other and the world with. Continuing with our Feng Shui training, we’re looking forward to sharing tips and consultations in the new year as well as additional offerings.

We’re holding on to our feelings of gratitude as we prepare to launch into the new year. Our hope is to share more of what is happening around wellness in the Carolinas and to help you find additional local, healthful connections. Thank you for joining us on this journey! Be on the lookout for special surprises and offers in the new year.

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