Spotlight: The Patio Farmer

The Patio Farmer is a small business based in Charlotte, NC. Erin is the Farmer/Owner of The Patio Farmer and is driven by her passion for growing food and teaching others. The Patio Farmer works with individuals one-on-one who are looking to grow food at home. Erin provides consultations, installations, and custom maintenance plans for clients in Charlotte and surrounding areas. She is also a SkillPop instructor, teaching resident events and private events around town.

Erin loves answering questions and helping guide people in their food growing journeys. She offers services and solutions to meet people where they are along the way. We’re lucky in the Carolinas to have an (almost) year-round growing season. There’s always something that can be planted, harvested, or sown. The Patio Farmer offers annual subscriptions for those looking for year-round guidance!

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Facebook: @thepatiofarmer

Instagram: @thepatiofarmer

Here’s what others are saying:

The Patio Farmer is of great value to our local food, wellness, and gardening community! I have learned so much from Erin. She leads her business with heart, intention and lots of farming/agriculture experience and helpful knowledge. I have been gardening for a few years; I was still not sure on which way to go about building a raised bed garden on our very small front lawn (I live in a duplex). Erin visited me and assessed the space. She followed up with a well-written step-by-step plan including the exact materials I needed to purchase. It made it much easier to achieve my desired goal with such a well-curated plan. Her plant products are all healthy and local. This service completely enriches our community, and I am happy to be connected to it!

Eko from Belmont

Erin helped me understand the best ways to utilize a raised bed garden. She didn’t just tell me what to do, she showed me by planting with me. Her products and service are superior. She is friendly, knowledgeable and a go-getter. I highly recommend The Patio Farmer!

Sherry S.

While I don’t live on the East Coast anymore, I do rely on Erin’s infinite garden knowledge to help me keep my basil and peppers alive! She helped when I had strange bugs attacking my basil and how to properly protect my plants without chemicals. Her passion for plants and all living things is very clear the moment you speak with her. I highly recommend!

Emily R.

Find out more information about The Patio Farmer online.

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