Spotlight: WildKrafted Kitchen

Julie Douglas has been a practicing community herbalist since 2016, where she graduated from the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. Julie approaches healing in a holistic and non-invasive way, assessing each individual based on their unique needs and constitution. She is the owner of WildKrafted Kitchen, which uses homegrown organic and ethically wildcrafted medicinal herbs to formulate into internal use medicines, external use body care items, and create custom formulas.

Planting Stinging Nettle

Julie is dedicated to making herbal medicine accessible and affordable to folks in need and in marginalized communities, so she offers sliding scale clinical consultations and medicines.

I love the Adrenal Support! In the first week I felt a release of tension in the kidney area. This helped me to feel grounded and just more comfortable in my body. This in turn released anxiety and a brain always on the look out. I have a greater sense of calm and comfort. I take this every day and will continue to come back for more!

Erin W.

I’m so in love with this Tulsi hydrosol! I use it as a facial toner and a refreshing mist. It smells SO GOOD! I’m going to need more soon! I use several of Julie’s products and really trust the quality! She’s incredibly knowledgeable (follow her on IG and get educated!) and passionate! I love WKK!


So grateful for Julie’s allergy concoction. My allergies have been intense this year & I even had a weird, constant twitch with my tear duct that never seemed to stop. Since taking the allergy elixir & adrenal support my allergies have calmed down immensely. I take it about every other day. Before I go outside & once I come back in. The annoying itchiness & tickle in my throat go away. And my tear duct that’s been twitching for months has stopped moving. It was almost immediate. I love this stuff so much, that I sent some for my sister who suffers from horrible allergies.

Katie P.

Find out more information about WildKrafted Kitchen online and visit Julie’s Etsy shop.

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